66 Essential quotes on Life that will change your perception towards it

We realize our own potential only when we face challenges in our life.

I never ever imagined myself writing quotes on life. But somehow a few things happened in my life which changed my perception towards life.

In the year 2018-2019, I was going through some significant difficulties in my life. Nothing was working in my favor. I have spent many sleepless nights full of sorrows, fear, and anxiety.

Internally I was broken. And it was getting more difficult for me to handle the situation because I was staying alone.

I never share my problem with anyone. Maybe I don’t want anyone to show sympathy to me; that’s why. It was all inside me. You may imagine how difficult it is to stay alive with lots of negativity inside.

One day I met this great person Mr. Rahul Bhatnagar through some Facebook ads. I have enrolled myself in one of his most popular program communication mastery.

Eventually, I got to know about many like-minded people in his close group. I got some supportive people.

Also, I learned a lot about life from his program. And now in the year 2020, I can say that I have overcome from that bad times of my life.

As I have gone through lots of problems and survived the difficult phase of life, So I started expressing my thoughts in the form of quotes. I started writing quotes to survive and to move on in life despite any bad situation.

You can find all of the quotes I have written to date on youtharena’s Instagram page by clicking this link.

Here I have identified some quotes for life for this article, which I like a lot. Please have a look and share your feedback. I have written all these quotes out of my life experiences.

Quotes on Life

  • Opportunities will come to you by chance, But opportunities you can create by choice.
  • The desire to achieve something great will force you to create the opportunity for your self.
  • Success is never easy, and opportunity will not knock your door always.
  • You make the right decisions when you are happy, but you take all the wrong choices when you are sad, broken, angry. So it’s simple. Stay Happy.
  • You can feel the importance when you will start feeling gratitude for everything you have, everyone you are with.
  • You will never get the confidence if you will never initiate
  • Your network will help you to grow when you help your network to grow.
  • You need not be an Expert; You need to Experience first.
  • Cry out loud. It’s more relaxing than faking a smile.
  • Your efforts today can make you extraordinary tomorrow.
  • Winners cannot be made by force; Winners make themselves by choice.
  • You have not come this far to quit just because of some external factors or your lame excuses.
  • When you know the “why” behind something, you can bear any pain to achieve that something.
  • The desire to get something good will always make you disciplined.
  • Implementation is not tricky, but initiation is.
  • Work with them for your survival or work for yourself for your Happiness.
  • There is a simple way for everything. Just you need to be more focused to find it out.
  • Always Do more than you can really Do !!!
  • Start your day with a smile, End your day with gratitude.
  • Comfort doesn’t give us success, situations gives.
  • Your Knowledge & Power has no sense if still, people don’t like you for your bad attitude.
  • Some people only see failure when they fail. Some people foresee grand success & work day & night to achieve it when they fail.
  • If you ever feel lost or defeated, give yourself another chance.
  • If we will not share the real us with the world, how can we know the things which need to be work upon?
  • It’s not easy to walk alone in life. But remember, easy things will never let you to progress also.
  • Nourish your skills to flourish your future !!!
  • Sometimes it’s okay to break the rule if it leads you towards success or true happiness.
  • Be the “Hero of your story,” Because people always wanted to know the “Story of the Hero.”
  • The problem is inside us, but our total concentration is in the outer world. How can it be resolved?
  • There is no FAILURE in this universe if you get the right LESSON out of it.
  • Time is useless if you don’t use it wisely. But it’s precious if you understand its value.
  • Don’t react immediately if you don’t have control over yourself. Think and react. For sure, you will act on it in a better way.
  • When people feel empowered, their self-belief system works in a positive direction.
  • “Belief” is such an energy, which can help you to get anything if you believe in it.
  • Either you want to stand in front of the crowd or to stand in the crowd. The choice is yours.
  • PEOPLE always talks about those PEOPLE who all are PEOPLE centric.
  • To become the face of something, you have to build your face value first.
  • Many things make us sad in our life. And those things only make us move forward in life.
  • Don’t live for life; live your life!
  • A phobia is something which we create ourself in our mind. It’s not pre-created.
  • You have to find that energy within you that differentiates you from the crowd. It is called Passion.
  • Every good thing needs lots of time & effort to happen in real.
  • People have ‘excuses’ for everything. So it’s the right opportunity for you to keep yours aside, to move ahead from them.
  • Behind everything you do in your life, there is some inspiration or impact of something or someone. And when you get inspired or impacted, you became unstoppable. And when you became unstoppable, you tend to do good things for yourself, for others, for this society.
  • Networking is not only networking, but it’s also a long term friendship with mutual benefits. So Build your Network wisely.
  • If you think that you can not do it, without even a try, then you will never be able to do it. But if you will try to do it without thinking about the failure, then you will be able to do it.
  • In this Social Media generation, it’s essential to put all the emotions and knowledge everywhere to showcase your talent. Else you will be just scrolled up.
  • Train your mind to do your work. Make your work to train you more.
  • We have more potential than what we have achieved. Then why to settle with less where we can do lots more.
  • You have to do something to get something.
  • Love Yourself more. Because you will get many haters in this journey of life
  • No matter how difficult the situation is now, Either it will change, or it will change you.
  • Keep hustling to convert your imaginary life into reality.
  • We are in such a comfort zone that we don’t want to take the risk for our betterment, But the truth is each & every moment of our life is risky. No one knows when what is going to happen.
  • When you wanted to get something effortlessly, and you are not getting it, maybe because of the situation or circumstances. I know you will make your mind to find out the alternative or to adjust. But how will you convince your heart to adjust when it’s not happy with the current situation? So why don’t you give it another try?
  • You can convince your mind. But how will you convince your heart?
  • You can realize the importance of happiness once you start spreading happiness.
  • While you are going to sleep, write at least one good thing you did in the entire day. The next day automatically, your mind will lead you to do good things.
  • Haters will either observe you in silence or will try to put you down when you make the noise. Make such noise that they will only have the first option.
  • There used to be speed breakers on the road to alert us to keep our leg on the break. Else it may lead to severe accidents. Like this, we used to face ups & downs in this journey of life just to avoid any significant mishaps so that we will be in control always.
  • Don’t lose hope if you are going through an awful phase in life. Face the period and learn how to deal with it. Your behavior and action today will build a better tomorrow for yourself.
  • Rejection will chase you more when you run from it. But the rejection will run from you when you start chasing it.
  • If you recently went through a big fail, then don’t worry, A big success is on its way. It’s just a time game.
  • If you have already taken the initiative to take the risk, then don’t give up. And if you have not yet taken action then don’t wait for long.
  • Good times will always make you fall into weakness, but only bad times will give you more strength, more courage, more power.
  • Those people are great who went through hell and came out Smiling.

I hope you like my quotes. Please share them with your friends. Note down in your diary and let me share your comments and feedback in the comment section below. Thank you so much for reading this till the end. Here are some other bunch of quotes I have written and published recently. Please have a look.

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