Hi There, I am Samir,

I am currently working as a Software Consultant in one of the MNC. I have around nine years of experience in the Software Industry.

There was a time when I was struggling with my Profession and my Passion. My profession is different, and my passion is a little bit different. And it happens with most of the Indian Youths. Because they don’t get the right guidance in the very initial days of their career, if you are also one of them, then you could relate to it better.

Life is not easy if you don’t live with the right strategies. In the very initial days, I was making this mistake and continuously applying wrong strategies to live an extraordinary lifestyle. In this way, I have wasted lots of my precious time. But currently, i am into one mentorship program. I am learning the strategies and hacks to get the maximum success in my life.

Since many people are facing such difficulties and they are unaware of such a mentorship program, hence I started this mission to empower the maximum number of such youths by guiding them with the right strategy. I don’t want anyone else to face the same issue which I went through.

Hence I started this journey to empower myself and empower others so that I can make a difference to this society. I can help others to live an extraordinary life, not an ordinary life.

In this blog, I will share posts on different topics related to Positivity, related to life, related to career growth & guidance to earn extra income to live a healthy life. Because at the end of the day, what matters is money. We all wanted to make Extra money, But we don’t get the right mentorship, or we don’t go through the process. Here is my blog Youth Arena, Where i will share the right strategy to implement in every stage of life as I am getting all the knowledge from all the renowned mentors, and I am applying the same in my life.

I have kept the name of the blog as YouthArena because I want to empower millions of youth in this world. But it is not only meant for the youths, it meant for all those beautiful souls who wanted to live a stress-free life, and who has the energy and passion for contributing something to this world. What I believe is age is just a number. If you have the enthusiasm within yourself and you are ready to contribute to this society even at the age of 80, then also you are a youth by your heart. And in the same way, if you are still a kid but you have the high aim & moto for your life, then you are the diamond for this society. And you can contribute many things in your entire life.

As I told, age is just a number, so let’s start the journey today because it’s never too late. See you inside the blog.

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