What is empathy? 10 vital ways to be Empathetic

What is Empathy?

Have you ever get this thought, what is empathy?
Empathy is to compassionate yourself with others, to see the world the way others see it, to realize the pain the way others face it. And when you develop this quality within yourself to realize how others survive in this universe, you will be empathetic.
I wish I would have been a bird, flying high in the sky. How great it would have been to fly in the limitless sky without any limitations, without any boundary.

Yes, we always imagine ourselves with things or people or objects that attract us. But we never wanted to feel the pain of others. It’s good to imagine yourself with good things always. But those peoples went through all those pain to get that success. So it’s essential to feel the pain as well. Without getting into the shoes of others, you will never be able to understand the process. So you need to be empathetic.

Be Empathetic

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Who doesn’t like freedom? Everyone does. Right?

We always imagine ourselves in the place of those who are living a clutter-free life. Like a successful entrepreneur. A lifelike them where we can get the freedom for ourselves. But we never wanted to know the hustles and struggles they have gone through to reach that place.

People always see the bright side of others. They never see the dark sides because it’s not visible easily. But this is very important to be in the shoes of others to know the real story. It’s essential to be empathetic.

Why should you be Empathetic?

Empathy will make you a better parent, a better brother, a better friend, a better teacher, a better manager, a better boss, moreover a better human being. Empathy will help you to get the feel of the emotions that other people are feeling.

Empathy will help you to understand the value of every individual you meet and every profession you know.

Daily, we meet with many people, and we are dependent upon them, But we hardly knew their story.

  • Imagine a rickshaw puller who pulls the rickshaw in the extreme summer just to earn some money to manage his family.
  • Imagine a vegetable seller who is selling vegetables in the street, even if it’s raining heavily just to earn a few bucks for dinner.
  • Imagine a street food vendor is preparing food for you, even if it’s shivering cold.

Some people work for 12 to 15 hours a day. I have seen many people who have grown older of age 65 or more. Still, they are working hard just to fulfill their basic needs.

So we should also see the world the way these people live. Whenever you are getting a chance, help someone who is really in need.

If possible, never bargain with the people who work hard and struggling day and night.

       The Razor Blade is Sharp but can not cut a tree,

       The Axe is strong but can not cut hair.

Everyone has some importance according to their unique purpose. Never underestimate anyone or anything. Have a heart. Be Empathetic.

How to be Empathetic?

Be empatheticWe always find other’s life easy and our own life difficult. But life is not easy the way you see others living it. Have you ever imagined by putting yourself in someone’s place which is struggling hard for his/her bread & butter?


You should do it at least once in your life. Till the time you will not do it, you will not be able to see the dark side of life. Be empathetic to realize the value of life.

Wear other’s shoes and try to be fit inside it. Try to see the world the way others see it. Try to live life the way others live it. Try to realize the struggle they face. And this is how you can be empathetic.

10 Vital ways to be Empathetic

  • Be A Human and have a heart

    Don’t be cruel. Be a better human being and have a heart. Everyone has emotion and feeling. So never use harsh words on anyone. Dig deep into other’s life. They are already going through lots of pain. Don’t be one more reason for their pain.

  • Stay down to earth

    You might be one of the most successful and richest personalities in this world. But all these things don’t even matter if you don’t know how to behave. So this is very important to stay down to earth, stay humble.

  • Be Kind

    Be kind to someone who really deserves kindness. They will feel relaxed when you will be kind to them. Spread the positivity, spread happiness, and be empathetic.

  • Care about Others

    Care for others and their feelings. Never hurt anyone. Because everyone is going through some problems in their life. So don’t be another burden for them. Learn to take care of others and their feelings.

  • Be grateful for the things you have

    Be grateful for the things you have. Dont keep crying for the things you don’t have. There are people who have nothing to live with, who have no one to live with. You can only realize the importance of your life when you will identify such people and be into their shoes. So always be empathetic and be grateful for the things you have.

  • Enjoy everyday like its the last day of your life

    Enjoy every day and everything in your life. Life is simple and special. We make it complicated by ourselves. We overthink a lot. We hate others. But this is not the way you should live your life. be empathetic and enjoy everyday like its the last day of your life.

  • Practice Forgiveness

    Let the things go. If you will learn how to let things go, then you will live happily ever after. If you will stay filled with negative feelings and thoughts about others then you will always get the negative thinking for them. But to be empathetic, you need to practice forgiveness.

  • Be Polite

    Always be polite to others. Your harsh words may hurt other’s sentiments. So never speak rudely to anyone.  You deserve the same the way you behave with others.

  • Respect others

    Always respect others, and their thought. Give them the value. Everyone is unique in his/her own way. So never underestimate anything or anyone. You will get respect when you will learn to give respect to others.

  • Treat people the way you want to be treated

    Always be nice to others. Sometimes the senior-most peoples in most of the fields try to miss utilize their power by disrespecting their juniors. this may be a common case scenario for them who are doing. But this is very heartbreaking for them who are facing such scenarios. So always treat people the way you want to be treated.

My Takeaways

Be empathetic. Help someone who is really in need. Sometimes try to see the world the way others see it. Try to realize the struggle the way others face it. When you will put yourself in other’s shoes and try to fit yourself for sometimes, you will be able to understand the value of life. Many people are struggling hard to get their bread & butter. Try to help such people. Be empathetic.

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