15 Most Powerful Breakup Quotes

Quotes are the tiniest form of a story to express the feeling. Quotes never come from the mind. Quotes come from the heart with life experiences. Like only that person can write breakup quotes, who has gone through the pain.

Before starting this blog, I used to write quotes. I have written many quotes on life, quotes to move out from breakup, and many inspirational quotes.

Whenever some good thought comes to my mind in the form of a properly arranged sentence, I keep them on my notes. At the end of the day when I go to my bed, I spend some time to reform that sentence with proper meaning and post it on my social media profiles.

I have recollected some of my favorite quotes I have written in the past. These quotes are some energy in the form of words to help you to move on in life if you are suffering from that pain after your breakup.

Breakup Quotes

  • Why we fall in love with the moon when there are crores of stars are around?


  • In life, always there will be good as well as bad memories. Erase those bad memories and save the good ones. Because at the end of the day people will change, but memories will be with you forever.


  • We used to cry by remembering those bad memories only. Instead, we can also smile by remembering those good memories too. Right?


  • Let them live their life; You live yours !!!


  • Hey listen, For you, it was just a game. For me, it was my life.


  • Do not worry in things which is not in your control


  • People whom you love the most will always hurt you the most !!!


  • Stay quiet ! If your dedication was not enough Do you think your words will matter?


  • Love & Ego” They anyway don’t go well together!!!


  • If you stuck with someone or something or somewhere, then it’s time to reform, revise, reinvent & the most important is reborn.


  • Be strong enough to let go & wise enough to wait for what you deserve.


  • When you love someone more than they deserve, they will probably hurt you more than you deserve.


  • Love Yourself more. Because you will get many haters in this journey of life


  • Don’t blame love, because love is not fake. might be the person you loved is fake.


  • Don’t waste time to prove yourself to anyone. The people who value you will stay with you & the others will keep blaming you anyhow.

Love is a very beautiful feeling. It hurts when the person you love is hurting you either intentionally or unintentionally.

Everyone will not understand the value of love. Only the person who loves a lot will realize its feeling. Anyways if they hurt you, then it’s the time to move on.

It’s time to show them your value. The day will come when they will realize what they have missed in their life. You create that authority for yourself. When you get famous, they will also start following you from the crowd.

By the way, out of the fifteen quotes, which one you liked the most? Please let me know in the comment section. Share this with your friend if he/ she is going through a breakup.

And don’t stick your self in that situation. If you will not make yourself strong to move on and do something great for your life, for your family then who will do it for you? As I mentioned earlier in one of my breakup quotes don’t push more for the things which are not under your control.

You deserve better


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