Why is it important to grab the opportunity at the right time?

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

        — Chris Grosser

Some people always wait for the right time and opportunity to get into something they always dreamt of.  But the leaders still think this the other way. Rather than waiting for the chance, they are creating the opportunity for themselves.

If you want to get massive success in life, you have to create the opportunity for yourself. Always try to be a go-getter. If you keep waiting for the next opportunity, then it will still carry forward for the next opportunity. It’s time to make the decision right now right away.

It’s always difficult to leave the comfort zone. A person who is in his comfort zone will never try to grab any opportunity because he will not be able to cope up with the situation. But the person who will abandon his comfort zone and create the opportunity for himself will reach the hight of success. Success is never easy, and opportunity will not knock your door always. So it’s imperative to be curious, be a go-getter.

Being a go-getter is not the cup of tea for everyone. One needs to create that attitude within the self. One needs to become restless to get those extraordinary things in life.

The desire to achieve something great will force you to create the opportunity for your self.

How to create/grab the opportunity?

Creating or grabbing an opportunity is not a skill to learn. It is a frame of mind that gets cultivated day by day with your burning desire.

I would like to share ten magical tips that I used to follow to grab the opportunity.

  • Be Curious
  • Stay Active
  • Be Energetic
  • Be Positive
  • Stay flexible
  • Never say No to opportunities
  • Be hungry to learn
  • Take action
  • Keep Exploring
  • Dream Big

When you get success, you can realize that success is so beautiful. And when you turn back for the day when you have created the opportunity for yourself, it can bring you the ultimate happiness in your face.

So don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create the opportunity and be a go-getter.

My Takeaways

Never say no to any opportunity. Always try to explore new things. Stay away from your comfort zone and keep your dream big. If you are not getting the right opportunity to grab, then create one for yourself.


Opportunities will come to you by chance, But opportunities you can create by choice

~ Samir Dash

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