Gratitude for everything you have

My future is unknown to me. But I am living in my present because I have survived bravely in my past. Survived in all those bad times, I have fought with all my difficulties each day in those bad times. And because of my never give up attitude, I am here living in the present. Even if my present situation is not that good, I have learned many things from all those down phases of my life. And I am thankful for everything that happened in my life.

I am also sure about you. You must have seen such phases in your life—those phases when you were hopeless and helpless. But you have overcome that phase. You should feel grateful for it. Grateful for everything you have today.

When we start giving gratitude to everything we have in our life, we will feel the importance of all those things. If you have a home to stay and food to feed yourself, then you should feel gratitude for it. Many people die every day because of hunger. Many people sleep on the roadside throughout the year because they don’t have a shelter.

We, humans, are never get satisfied with our achievements. It’s the human tendency. We always wanted to get more, more, and more. But we never feel thankful for the things we get. We never feel thankful for the things we have. You will feel joyful if you will convey your gratitude every day to everything and everyone.

You woke up in the morning, and you can see from your balcony; the birds are singing, flying from one tree to another, you should be thankful for it. You have sufficient water in your washroom to take a shower, you should be thankful. You have something in your kitchen to have your breakfast, then you should feel thankful for it. You have a vehicle to commute to your workspace, you should feel thankful for it. You should feel grateful for all those tiny things in your life. Have you ever imagined how many people don’t have these things?


If you keep crying for things you do not have, you will never get the happiness in your life. I have grown in a lower-middle-class family. My father was a school teacher. I have seen my father cycling daily to commute to school just to fulfill the necessities of our family, to meet my educational expenses. He could have been crying during those times that he is not saving more money to buy a bike or a car. No, he never did that. Instead, he was thankful to himself every day that he has managed one more day properly.

Yes, we all face ups & downs in our life. That doesn’t mean this is the end of our life. Instead, we should learn the lesson from those down phases and be thankful for it.

Likewise, we should be thankful for every person we meet in our life. You will get support from a few people, whereas there will be few people to pull you down. It’s okay. It’s also part of our life. You should also be thankful to them because they are the people who make you stronger.

Your one thank you note, or thanksgiving message can make the day for someone. A small appreciation from your side to someone who deserves it can bring a smile on their face. So never forget to say thank you. Never forget to convey your gratitude. You can feel the importance when you will start feeling gratitude for everything you have, everyone you are with.


Never feel sad about the things you don’t have. Feel proud for the things you have. Never imagine a rich to get yourself down. Think about the poor. You are in a much better condition than so many of them. Show your gratitude for everything you have. Be thankful to everyone around you. Your small thank you note can make someone’s day. Spread the happiness and feel the impact within yourself.

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