Boy who turned his dreams into reality- Harsh Vardhan Singh

Here is the story of a B.Tech graduate from a prestigious institute of India, Harsh Vardhan Singh, hails from Odisha. He proved to the world how personal enthusiasm and dedication could turn dreams into reality. He has shunned a comfortable corporate job and calls from IIMs to pursue his dream of filmmaking and has launched his own company, “Paper Weight Entertainment,” making quality films one of which even premiered at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. But his dream has a beautiful, humane touch.

During 2008 when he was still a student of NIT Durgapur, he made an amateur film “Voice” dealing with using the power of the Internet to reach out to far-flung remote areas through VOIP technology to spread education among the masses. The film was nominated for the President’s Award.

In that short film, Harsh Vardhan had cast the children of  Bihari More(A place near NIT, Durgapur, West-Bengal), a settlement of migrant workers near his college campus for his film. And then Harsh Vardhan was stung by guilt. It was a turning point. He felt in his heart that the same children he had used for making his film, which was about spreading the magic of education, were themselves uneducated. Earning accolades for his movie, he could not forgive himself. Others would have suffered silently and moved on, but the will of Harsh Vardhan was of tighter make. He decided to act. He, along with a few like-minded friends of him, started giving weekend classes to the kids of Bihari More. Gradually more volunteers joined in and thus was the birth of“Bihari More Education Project” or BMEP.

Some cynics ridiculed him for wasting his time teaching kids. But he was not faint-hearted. He went on.

Even after graduating from college, he continued supporting BMEP morally and financially. He hunted for funds which were hard to come by in the beginning, the parents of the kids were skeptical, but these problems could not bog him down. Despite a few dark patches, this world is the right place. Friends who shared his vision helped him funds with open arms. The parents of the kids embraced his goodness; his own family has supported him wholeheartedly in his journey. Inspired by his ideas, the volunteers continued teaching the kids. And as more volunteers are pass out from the same college, the external support base grows.

Harsh Vardhan with some of his team members and few Jhoops kids

Today BMEP is financially supported by the donations made by the alumni of NIT Durgapur and other well-wishers. The volunteer chain is unbroken. Every year as a batch of volunteers graduate, a new crop of volunteer joins again.

Today around 50 kids of Bihari More have been admitted to prestigious schools around Durgapur with financial assistance from BMEP, and the volunteers of BMEP give many more children from adjoining areas weekend classes. Apart from primary schooling, BMEP also organizes Medical Camps, regular Sanitation campaigns, counseling to parents, educational tours, etc.

That small decision of Harsh Vardhan Singh borne out of guilt today has grown into a full-fledged war against illiteracy. Youth Arena salutes Harsh Vardhan Singh for his undying spirit and wishes wholeheartedly super success in all his future endeavors.

Even you can share your support with Bihari More Education Project by contacting Mr. Harsh Vardhan Singh.

Below is their website address to contact and stand by Mr. Harsh Vardhan for his excellent effort to make the children of Bihari More Educated.

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