15 Proven techniques on how to become a better person in 2020

Life will be there for a few years, but people will remember you for decades. So make your goals on how to become a better person every day.

In this article, we will read some proven techniques on how to become a better person. So don’t leave any section and stay hooked till the end.

95% of people always look for an easy and quick way to become a better person. But the fact is, there is no shortcut or theories to become a better person overnight. It happens with experience. Each day in our life teaches us something new.  Every struggle we face makes us strong. And such real-life experiences make us a better human being. We all should go through such real-life experiences and learn how to become a better person in life.

Life is what you make it.

Life is what you make it

Every individual wants a good happy life, lots of success, and unconditional love. And we all put our efforts to achieve them, to improve our skillsets, and to live our dream life. Ultimately we all wanted to live a life of our dream, and we all wanted to become a better person and to be happy.

So why is it essential to become a better person and how to become a better person in life?

Why its Important to become a better person

To get recognized

A better person always gets recognization in society. When you become a better person, people will start recognizing you. People will praise your efforts and share a word about you with others.

To become a people’s person.

People love such individuals, who act as a leader, who drive other peoples with him/ her in a positive direction. If you treat people like a leader, people will admire you like a leader. So it’s essential to become a better person.

To get treated the way you wanted to

We always wanted to get proper treatment from others. Right? But do we deserve that? Do we treat people the same way we wanted to get treated? A better person always treats well to the people in his /her surrounding. And in return, he/she gets proper treatment from others. So it’s vital to become a good human being.

To become successful in life.

Success always comes to them who deserve it. And a good human being well deserve to get success in life. Because a good human being always thinks to help others, to provide value to others.  A good human being understands other’s emotions and feelings and shows empathy towards them. But becoming a good human being is very important in life. You need to learn how to become a better person, and your why for life should be clear with you.

To become a happier person.

Serving people gives immense satisfaction. And satisfaction gives us happiness. A good person always wants to serve society to humanity. That’s why good people get lots of joy in life. And staying happy is a crucial aspect of everyone’s life. So don’t you think you should work for yourself to become a better person?

How to become a better person inside and out

As I mentioned before, becoming a better person is an art that gets brushed up and improved with experience. So you need to learn the art of how to become a better person. And there are many other things which you should learn to become a better person and to live a blissful life.

i.e., “How to become a successful person,”how to become a healthy person,”how to become a more positive person,”how to become a happy person,”how to become a spiritual person” and more importantly “how to become a morning person.”

Let’s learn some of the proven techniques which will help us a lot to change our mentality and to become a better person every day.

How to become a better person

Identify your objective of life.

When your objective for life is clear, you will get focused on it. When you focus on achieving something great in your life, your mind will start thinking only the positive things. And positive thinking gives us the energy to become a better human being.

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Live in present

We should always live in our present. Because our past always creates a blockage to our growth. If we keep thinking about our past, we will not be able to focus on our present. And if we will not focus on the present, then we will not be able to grow.

Likewise, we should not overthink about the future. Overthink also hinder our concentration. And it affects our growth.

But if we will live in our present and feel happy about the things we have, we will be able to focus on our growth. And our growth leads us to become a better person in the world.

Keep taking actions

Your actions help you to gain perfection. You will be able to achieve success only when you will take action. Others can not take action for you, but you have to do it for yourself. So to become a better version of yourself, you need to take action every day.

Learn & Implement

Our life is all about to learn and implement. Learning is easy, but implementation is difficult. You will not be able to know the reality if you will not implement the things you have learned. So keep improving your skillsets by learning new things and implement them in your life so that it will help you to grow.

When you become a subject matter expert in some particular field, you will be able to share your knowledge with others and guide others. It also helps you to become a better person.

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Create the Opportunity for yourself

Never wait for the opportunity to happen. Create an opportunity for yourself or grab the opportunity when it comes to you. Never miss a chance. Because the opportunity never comes twice. Your active action at the right time will help you to open the door for success. This quality will also help you to become better.

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Take Ownership

Never hesitate to take ownership of any task or work. Take ownership and complete the activity efficiently. These characteristics will help you to build leadership qualities within yourself. Also, it will increase the trust factor on you, and people will start trusting you more.  It is also one of the critical factors to become a better person.

Take Responsibility

Start taking responsibility for things. Because if you run away from responsibility, then people will run away from you. But when you take ownership and responsibility, you will become more decisive. You will be able to take decisions smartly. You will learn the art of making decisions fast. Also, responsibilities will keep alerting you to keep up the good work and meet the expectation of everyone relying on you. So never run away from responsibilities.

Stay down to earth

Like all other hustlers, one day, you will also reach the height of success. But never forget the root, the base of your success. Always stay grounded. Behave properly with the people around you. This is a great sign of a better human being.

Show gratitude

Be thankful for everything you have in your life. Be grateful for everyone around you. Show your gratitude even for all those tiny things of your life. Because if you are not thankful for all those things, you will never realize the value. If you do not value those things/ people, you will not be able to take their proper care. If you do not take care, things/people will not stay with you for long. So always show your gratitude for everything and everyone you are associated with. A good person must have this quality.

Learn giving respect to people

Everybody feels good when they get respect. And they remember the source always from where they are getting respect. Because good things always make others feel good. So never disrespect anyone. You will gain respect in return when you give. And people always respect good human beings. So treat others the way you want others to treat you.

Learn to forgive

No individual is perfect in this world. Mistakes happen by everyone. So never stretch it for long. Forgive and move on in your life. Be thankful for the experience. This will make you strong; this will make you a good person only.

Be Empathetic

A good person can never be selfish. A good person will always think about the good being of others. A good person will care for other’s emotions and try to realize the pain and struggle others are going through. Being empathetic will help you to walk the path putting in other’s shoes. You will be able to realize people’s situations. This will make you do your bit for society, for those people. This is how being empathetic will help you to become a better person.

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Leave anger

Things we do in anger always impact us in a wrong way. People lose their loved ones just because they are not able to control themselves when in rage. So you need to leave anger to become a good person. It doesn’t matter how many good things you did; all your reputation will vanish if you will make one small mistake in anger.

Remove all the unnecessary clutter from your mind and heart. Keep yourself calm and react in a relaxed mind. Do some meditation every day. Meditation will help you to stay away from anger.

Help others

“People give value to them, who gives them value.”

Helping others is one of the most effective ways to show your kindness to the world. A small help can change someone’s life. A little help can change the perception of the world towards you, whether it’s helping a blind man to cross the road or giving your seat to someone who needs it in a bus. A small action will create a positive impact on the world. And the world will recognize you as a better person.

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Be Concerned for the people you know

Showing your concern to the people you know will not cost you anything extra. But when you show your interest to understand how they are doing in life, they will feel privileged. So be concerned about the people you know because they will play a significant role in the growth of your life.

These are very minute factors that most people ignore. But these small factors will improvise your mindset. These qualities will help you to become a better person.

My Takeaways

Each experience we are getting in our life teaches something new. We face lots of hurdles in the journey of life. And all those hurdles makes us strong, makes us better day by day. In short, our experiences make us better. Even though we became better every day with our experiences, we should know how to become a better person. Because, if we do not focus on the key learning from our experiences, then we will not be able to improve ourselves.

We need to take care of each action that we perform every day in different circumstances. We need to strategize our work to implement it in a better way. Because our every action/activity leaves an impact on society, so it depends on you how you perform such activities, how you behave, how you react, how you communicate, etc. Always try to leave a positive impact on the people surrounding you and the society where you live. These small actions will help you to become a better person. And these things happen with real-life experiences and learnings. So live in the present and give value to everything and everyone you have in your life.


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