What is Nepotism? Best Ways to deal with Nepotism in 3 different sectors

What is Nepotism?

It is essential to understand how to deal with nepotism. Because in today’s era, people get connected with others practically, for their benefit. They don’t even try to understand the emotion of others. And this is how nepotism gets created.

Nepotism is the discrimination which works as a slow poison for some individual when he/ she gets affected. That individual get discriminated by his/ her organization or a group or by some individual.

Nepotism happens when some powerful individual creates a group and target some individual continuously. Nepotism happens when own people, relatives, friends of powerful people are given a chance, and outsiders get rejected despite their hard work and talent.

How nepotism affects?

deal with nepotism

Those people doing nepotism will never realize the impacts of it. But there are many consequences for the individual who is going through this, just because of others.

Nepotism blocks the path of many individuals to pursue the career of their interest. It mostly affects the freshers and outsiders who don’t have any contact in any particular field or industry where they want to pursue their careers. Because in most of the sector, the senior and powerful people are always taking advantage of hiring candidates they know. They always prefer people from their relatives and friends. And such people get an easy backdoor entry into the industry or the organizations. And because of them, genuine talents are not getting hired or get any work.

In such a scenario, it gets difficult for real talents to deal with nepotism.

But nepotism may give short term benefits to those senior and powerful people. But in the long run, it affects the productivity of that particular team or organization or the industry. So everyone should understand nepotism has terrible impacts. And it may affect some individuals very severely.

  • How nepotism affect individuals

    Nepotism always affects to them who do not have any reliable contacts in any particular field. Also, it affects more when he/ she is just a newbie. Because people in the very initial stage of their career, don’t understand the dirty politics against them. And they get trapped and blackmailed. They get tortured emotionally. It leads them to depression because they don’t know how to deal with nepotism.

  • How nepotism affects organizations

    When nepotism happens in any organization, maybe it doesn’t impact a lot initially, but it has implications in the longer run. Excellent and talented employees leave organizations. Then it gets difficult for the organization to continue with good projects. It gets stressful and time consuming for them to hire the right resources again.

Five(5) common reasons why nepotism happens?

Nepotism generally started by an individual, but then participated by a group of people. There can be multiple reasons behind nepotism.

  • They prioritize their people than others.

    Most of the sectors are getting ruled by only the senior management or powerful personalities. And many of those people misuse their power. They take some wrong steps and don’t even try to understand the impacts of the same on others. They always prioritize their people, such as their kids, friends and relatives, and their kids. And just to get all the advantages for these people, they start creating nepotism with other innocent individuals.

  • They can not see outsiders became a part.

    When someone is there in some places for years, he or she became habituated in that space. When some other people enter their zone, they feel insecure about it. Then they start playing dirty politics just to safeguard their comfort zone. It is also another reason for nepotism.

  • They are not getting the things they are expecting from you.

    In today’s era, people don’t get connected emotionally with others. They always wanted to take advantage of others. When their expectation doesn’t get fulfilled by some individual, they start discrimination. And this situation turns into nepotism.

  • They can not see you succeed.

    Some people can not tolerate it when you get more success than them. Then they try different ways to pull you down. If they do not get success with all other strategies, they will start nepotism against you.

  • They want to use you only to fulfill their purpose.

    Those people will use you till the time their purpose gets fulfilled. Once their mission is fulfilled, they will try all possibilities to through you out. It is also another reason for nepotism.

How to deal with nepotism

It is not easy to deal with nepotism. To deal with nepotism, you need a hell lot of patience, self-motivation, courage, and stable mental condition.

Also, you need to learn the right strategies and deal very carefully, to overcome nepotism.

You might experiment with different strategies to deal with nepotism in various industries. Let’s identify some right strategies together to deal with nepotism. I am not an SME (Subject Matter Expert) in this field. i am writing this article based on my experience and the situations that are happening with many more other individuals. You can suggest your advice or the right strategies in the comment section as to how to deal with nepotism in your industries.

How to deal with nepotism in the Workplace

I am working in corporates sectors, and i know how it feels. It’s challenging to be mentally stable when people gang-up against you. Separate strategies and mental condition required to deal with nepotism in Private and Government organizations. I have worked in both organizations. So I am sharing the strategy for both of them. Though many of the strategies are almost similar, I have segregated it into two parts to make it more convenient for you.

Ways to deal with nepotism in Corporate

deal with nepotismHandling nepotism in private organizations is way more complicated. In private organizations, people will start escalating things against you to senior management. So you need to deal with a calm and composed mind.

  • Don’t react to everything. Take your time and respond with a positive note.
  • Do your work in time and keep them documented.
  • Keep your work highlighted to the senior management.
  • Always show your keenness to learn.
  • If you are not aware of something, then ask and get it clarified.
  • Don’t show overconfidence.
  • Maintain a balanced relationship with everyone.
  • Don’t allow your colleagues to interfere in your personal space.
  • Keep them away from your social media networks.
  • Never afraid of losing the job.
  • Be kind to everyone but don’t be more friendly with them.
  • Take ownership of some particular activity and create your dependency.
  • Never overlook the things. Go deep into them and put your best effort always.
  • People may suggest you do smart work instead of hard work. But remember, hard work is the key to success. You will only be able to do the things smartly when you work hard on them.
  • When you feel like people making groups against you, report the same to the HR Team without any hesitation.
  • Many a time, people are not getting support from their manager. You should seek approval from the HR team in case if you are going through some awkward situation from your boss/ manager.
  • Stay humble, stay down to earth, but never allow others to use you in any way.

Ways to deal with nepotism in Governments

deal with nepotism

Dealing with nepotism in Government is not an easy thing. You need to be extra cautious while communicating with others because here, people take everything on their ego. So you need to think twice before speaking to someone.

  • Don’t react to anything instantly.
  • Do your work in time and keep them documented.
  • Keep track of the things you are doing. Make reports for reference.
  • Don’t share your problem with others. They will start taking benefits out of it.
  • Be confident always.
  • Maintain a balanced relationship with everyone.
  • Don’t allow your colleagues to interfere in your personal life.
  • Keep them away from your social media networks.
  • Be kind to everyone but don’t be more friendly with them.
  • Take ownership of some particular activity and create your dependency.
  • Never overlook the things. Go deep into them and put your best effort always.
  • Stay humble, stay down to earth, but never allow others to use you in any way.
  • Be involved.

In Government organizations, the senior employees always try to hire their children and friends in their team. Due to which the real talents rarely get a chance to get a government job. So people who already have a job in government organizations should be extra cautious to stay away from nepotism.

How to deal with nepotism in society

Society plays a significant role in our life. We spend most of our time in the same community. We live with those people in our neighborhood. And it affects a lot if nepotism gets created against us in our society. It’s getting difficult to live in the same society when your neighbors don’t talk with you, or they spread negativity about you.

  • You need to take care of so many things to live a good life in your society.
  • Don’t ever show off.
  • Be friendly with everyone
  • Maintain a perfect relationship with them
  • Help when someone is in need
  • Greet everyone whenever you meet

You should take care of the things mentioned above to live a healthy life with everyone in a society.

You can also comment on your feedback and suggestion on how to deal with nepotism in the comment section. I will add them to this article if I found them helpful.

You can also suggest all other sectors where we need to stay careful to handle nepotism.

My Takeaways

Nepotism is one of the most dangerous things which can emotionally harm any individual very badly. Someone who is going through this should have patience, energy, strong mental condition, self-belief, and self-motivation to overcome this negative energy. If you are facing this in your professional or personal life, then you should share your problem with someone so that you will feel a little light. Also, you should consult with an expert so that you will be guided with the right strategies to deal with nepotism.


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