How to Overcome Fear and Anxiety in An Effective Way (Best 11 Strategies)

Fear and Anxiety

Why we get afraid of so many things in our life? Why is it important to get rid of the fear and anxiety to live a healthy life?

The human mind is a very complex organ that makes you think, decide, and learn. And in-between that, sometimes it gets confused, sometimes it felt anxious and some times it gets afraid with fear.

Our mind is also responsible for different emotions and thought processes in every individual. Joy, sorrow, happiness, excitement, and fear are some of the types of emotions we all experience.

Fear is a defensive emotion. Though some amount of fear is required to learn things out of this, excessive fear and anxiety can lead to serious mental and health issues.

The ability to overcome fear helps you lead a more normal life and also helps you meet the challenges in life in a healthy way.

Here in this article, I have written some proven ways which can help you to overcome the fear and anxiety in your life.

How to Overcome Fear in Life

Identification of Fear

Every human being on this planet experiences fears and anxiety during different situations in their lives. Some people have a phobia of heights while others cannot swim. To overcome fear, you need to identify the fear first.

Some people are scared of one or two things while others with severe anxiety are fearful of a host of different things. Understanding fear and the reasons behind different phobias will help you to overcome them.

Sometimes we get afraid of very silly reasons.

Avoid Negative Thoughts

We live in a world where it’s very difficult to survive if we will not live it with courage and strong determination. There are plenty of things to be scared of in life. Every day you see horrible stories in the newspaper and breaking news of ghastly events on news channels which make you aware subconsciously about the risk factor people are facing in their life somewhere or other.

It is very easy to become more and more scared about everything and get negative thoughts all the time. But it’s difficult to extract the positivity out of the negative things.

To overcome fear it is important to disperse the negative thoughts and not let bad things happening around you negatively impact your lives. Rather identify the positive things and get rid of the fear.

Face Your Fears

One of the best ways to overcome fear in life is to face your fears. For example, many people have the fear of failure in life and because of that, they do not go ahead with a project, business, activity, or even leisure pastime in life. It is important to face the fear of failure in life and go ahead with a task even if it leads you towards failure.

If there is no fear of failure, you will be able to do things that you are scared of without caring whether the task might fail eventually. Till the time you will not get failed, you will not be able to progress further in life.

Replace Fear With Happy Thoughts

It is very easy to go down the path of negative thoughts and fear as fear and anxiety tend to build in your brain. When anxious and irrelevant thoughts keep forming in your brain it is very important to replace them with good thoughts. Just visualizing a happy and successful outcome will help you overcome fear as your mind will forget the bad thoughts and replace them with interesting positive thoughts.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Fear and Anxiety are two emotions that you could face at any time in your life. We live in a world full of crime, natural disasters, climate crises, pandemics, increasing relationship problems, financial insecurities, and various other problems. It is important to maintain a positive attitude and hold on to your positivity in the worst of times.

Accept the Unknowns in Life

Fear is an emotion we feel when we have no control over your lives and the future poses a series of unknown threats. It is important in life to accept that you do not know your future and you do not know what can happen in your life. You should work towards planning your futures and develop plans and skills to achieve the futures that you want. But to overcome fear of the unknown is an important step for you to move away from anxiety in life.

Take Help of Family and Friends

A close family or friend can either be a positive influence for you to overcome fear or can add to anxiety. It is essential to talk to friends and family and get them to help you in boosting your confidence in a long term way. It is a good idea to ask them to help you create a positive and happy environment that helps you eliminate fears from life. Helping each other deal with stress in life can help maintain good mental health in life. A positive environment helps you to overcome anxiety in the long run.

Hold On To Motives, Aims, and Goals

How to overcome fear is a question many people grapple within their lives. A trick to overcome fear is to hold on to your aims and goals that are achievable after overcoming fear. The attraction of achieving the goal after overcoming fear acts as a catalyst for you to overcome the fear.

Less Thinking, More Action

It has been proven in many psychological journals that those who think less and go ahead with their plans despite the initial fear, tend to succeed in overcoming fear. To overcome fear, it is important for you to not keep on thinking about all the things that can go wrong but just go ahead with a positive attitude for a good outcome.

Keep Fear Within its Proportions

Sometimes fear is based on the unknown future and sometimes fear tends to go out of proportion. Keeping fear limits is important as fear can go out of hand and irrational in a very fast way. Rational thought processes are important and you should eliminate the irrational fears that will help overcome fear.

Take Help if Needed

Fear and anxiety are something that many of you deal with in life and many times this is a personal struggle that is not easily visible to even friends and family members. The stigma against taking professional help is to be banished to overcome anxiety problems in society and consulting a mental health professional can overcome and cure your problem.

Final Words

Fear and anxiety are a problem in society today and to overcome fear you have to work against the fear every day in life and try to hold on to the positivity in life. The best way to get rid of fear is to face the fear. Because everything you want in your life is on the other side of the fear.

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