How to stop overthinking everything (11 Proven techniques)

As a human being, how many things do you manage daily to get a stress free sleep at night? There are so many things. right?

You learn to implement time management, stress management, anger management, etc. But have you ever thought about your thoughts? Yes, I am talking about thought management. Because if you will not keep your thoughts under control then you will start overthinking about different things. But how to stop overthinking?

If you will learn how to stop overthinking then you will stay away from your time management related problem, stress-related problem, anger problem, etc.

Nobody ever talks about thought management. How to manage your thought, How to stop overthinking. Hence I have decided to write this article to guide you on how you can have clutter-free thoughts and how to stop overthinking and relax. 

Clear the clutter

Let’s suppose your body is a big multinational company, and you are the owner of the company seating at the headquarter, which is your brain.

Daily, your brain may get a different kind of responses from your various body parts, your circumstances, etc. Some positive/ happy responses, as well as some negative/sad responses. Positive responses like you got a piece of good news, you got a good project, you got a gift, you got a nice haircut, etc. Negative or sad responses like your leg got injured, you had a fight with your siblings, your car got some scratches due to an accident, etc.

Likewise, when you are sitting on the headquarter, which is your brain, you may get different such positive and negative responses from your body and your circumstances. As an owner of the company, it’s your responsibility to be happy for those positive responses and how to manage without being sad to keep your thoughts clean to avoid negative responses. And for this, you really need to learn how to stop overthinking.

Do you know the ratio of Negative: Positive thoughts of an average Human being?

As per the research, 80% of our thoughts that generate in our minds are negative thoughts, and only 20% of the thoughts are positive. And the Ratio of negative thought is increasing day by day because of our surroundings, the people around us, and the current situation of the world. There are various other factors which are impacting on this increasing negative ratio. But we need to keep ourselves away from all those negative factors. But how to do that? How to keep your thoughts clean, how to stop overthinking? We will learn everything in detail in this article. 

Why it’s important to stop overthinking?

Our thought process has a significant role in our life. Our thought process helps us to know the tiny elements of our life, like our likes, our dislikes, the things which make us happy, the things which annoy us. When you indulge yourself in the thinking process, you will know yourself more deeply and clearly.

Now let’s take an example. 

You are reading this article. Are you reading this article? Say Yes. 

Okay. I got it.

You are reading this article. In fact, you are reading different articles in Youth Arena because you know you will get the solution to many problems through this blog. Right?

Now let’s say something else is going on in your mind while you are reading this article. 

What does it mean? It means that you don’t have control over your thought process. Keep reading this article to know the strategies to keep the thought process under your control and make your mind clutter-free. Because you need to understand how to stop overthinking.

What is overthinking?

Your mom took nine months to give you birth, But your brain doesn’t take a minute to give birth to a random thought. So many thoughts arose in your minds within a minute.

The real problem happens when many thoughts arise. All those thoughts which don’t have any meaning, which doesn’t have any reality. It is known as overthinking. 

We do overthink a lot when we do not do anything productive or when we do not get any substantial results in our life.

So it’s essential to keep yourself busy with some productive work, to focus on the end result.

Let’s suppose you are a student and trying to focus on your study. You took the firm decision that you will not think anything; instead, you kept aside all those things that distract you. 

But in case if a little thought arises in your mind, then it will lead you to many such thoughts. And you will get distracted towards negative energy. You will not be able to concentrate on your studies.

Because of that one thought attack, you became unfocused and restless. These thoughts are known as cluttered thoughts which leads us towards overthinking. And we need to know how to stop overthinking everything that distracts us towards negativity and in productivity.

What causes overthinking

What causes Overthinking?

Overthinking is a mental disorder which happens over time because of so many factors.

We do overthink

  • When our mind is free.
  • When our mind is not involved with any productive activity.
  • When we are in a negative friendzone
  • When there is so much negativity in our surrounding
  • When we are not getting the expected result
  • When we get failed
  • When we lose something or someone we love
  • When our personal life is not going good
  • When our professional life is not going good
  • When we get betrayed in our love life

There is no specific reason behind overthinking. But the only reason is it happens when we do not have control on our minds.

There are differences between thinking and overthinking. It doesn’t harm you when you are thinking about something; Thinking leads us towards a positive direction. But overthinking leads us towards a negative direction. Overthinking harms us when it stays with us for the long term. Overthinking converts our emotions into anger, regret, anxiety, ego, suspicion, irritation, etc. All these things together create a lot of cluttered thoughts in our minds.

Overthinking harms our relations, our career, our future, and our life.

In our daily life, there are many factors due to which the clutter thoughts get arise in our minds. 

  • Due to the workload, the level of stress increases, and our mind gets diverted towards negative thinking.
  • We get negative when we are alone, and we don’t get the necessary support from anyone.
  • We are affected by the rude or indecent behavior of someone. It leads us to negative thinking/ overthinking. 
  • Sometimes we feel restless when we are going through some significant loss.
  • Arguments with others hurt us and create negative energy around us.
  • When we are idle, we get negative thoughts in your mind.
  • We get negative thoughts when we are going through the break-up. 

Like this, there are many more factors that create cluttered thoughts in your mind. And these cluttered thoughts lead us towards overthinking. 

But how to stop overthinking?

I can only give you some suggestions but the implementation totally depends on you. It depends on how you control yourself, how you control your mind.

How to stop overthinking

How to stop Overthinking?

Here are some tried and tested methods that can help you to get rid of overthinking.

  • Make a list of all such negative energies that distract you and Stay away.
  • Make a list of all those people who don’t provide any value in your life—but make you negative. Stay away from them.
  • Make a list of all those work that you don’t like, But you are doing forcefully. Stay away from that work or find an alternate solution to get rid of that work.
  • Make a list of all those things at your home, which is of no use but an extra burden. Sell them out.
  • Make a list of the things where you waste your time unnecessarily. Stop doing those activities.
  • Make a list of all those apps from your phone, which distracts you again and again but doesn’t provide any value. Uninstall them.
  • Make a list of all those tiny aspects of your life, your likes, your dislikes. Work on them.
  • Make a list of your hobbies that makes you happy. Make time for them.
  • Make a list of your passion and interest. Pursue them.
  • Make a list of all those successful people in your surrounding. Stay with them.
  • Make a list of all those tasks that makes you productive. Work on them.

Like this, you can make a list of everything you should remove from your life to live a happy life. And Act on them wisely.

Prioritize the things in your life. Prioritize what’s important for now. Do not overburden your self with additional elements in your life. Keep yourself away from the things which are not vital for you.

Give yourself a little time regularly. And find out if anything is creating any blockage in your life. Find a solution to get rid of them.

Appreciate yourself for the things you have. Learn to show gratitude for everything and everyone that creates value in your life.

Utilize your time in productive things. Never disrespect the time because time is very precious. Utilize the time wisely.

Wake up now and Get rid of overthinking. You have a hell lot of things to achieve in your life. Don’t limit yourself with a little. You are capable enough to get a lot. If you are still overthinking then learn the strategies on how to stop overthinking.

There is not any medication for overthinking but yes meditation can help you a lot. Spare some time and do meditation.

My Takeaways

When you declutter the thoughts from your mind, you create some extra space for yourself. You will attract more time, more confidence, more control, more focus, and more productivity. So it’s vital to declutter your mind from unnecessary thoughts and to get rid of overthinking.

Your energy thought and time is valuable. So use them wisely. 

Learn how to stop overthinking and share this article with your loved ones if you feel they are also stuck in their life because of this problem.

Teach them how to stop overthinking.


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