Identify your Super Power

Every individual has some strengths and weaknesses. But its the responsibility of each individual to identify their strength. When you will identify your strength, you will utilize them in an effective way. Also identifying weaknesses will help you to work on them to overcome the weakness. To work on those particular skillsets to enhance them.

Because when you will convert your weakness into strength, this will work as extra support to your strength. And your strength will become your superpower. Superpower is nothing but your interest, your passion, your thirsty desire to achieve something great in your life. This unique power will keep you ahead from 95% of people in this universe.

“The sooner you will identify your Superpower, the earlier you will be able to get the success.”

If you have also grown yourself in a middle-class family as I have grown, then you could relate to it easily.

In middle-class family our parents always want us to do what others are doing to get successful. They always give us an example of our neighbors or our relatives or about someone from our society. Just to give respect to their thoughts and emotions we also limit ourselves with some mediocre mindset. We work on something in which we don’t have any passion. We wanted to achieve something which is not our strength. And as a result, we don’t get the success we deserve.

Have you ever given a second thought on this?

You might have a passion for singing, dancing, writing, traveling. But you are working as an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer getting a handsome salary to pay your bills & rent. You became happy on that day when your salary gets credited in your account, but you are not happy for the rest of the days in a month. Also, you never find time for yourself to pursue your passion.

But there are few people who don’t just want to pursue something that all other people in the society are doing. Because they have identified their superpower at a very early age. And now they are the real superheroes because they are pursuing their passion. They are doing what makes them happy.

You should also identify your Superpower. you should pursue your super strength.

Few tips to help you to identify your Superpower

Though I knew my interest and my passion I didn’t know the strategies to implement them in my life. Because I belong to a small village and a middle-class family. When I entered engineering college I didn’t have anyone to guide me. I didn’t know what will be my future after engineering. Somehow I completed my engineering. I got a job. but still, my heart was with something else. I realized it at a very later stage. You know, “its never too late” I started my side hustle a few months back. I started working on things that make me happy. I love to write, I love storytelling, I love voice-over, I love to make videos. Like everyone else, you have also some uniqueness. You have also some passion which you can pursue as your profession. but you are confused about it. maybe you are confused with multiple things. So here are a few tips that can help you to identify your superpower.

  • Write Down all your likes & dislikes
  • Identify what you like the most
  • What comes to you naturally?
  • The things where people ask you for the suggestion
  • Things which can make you sacrifice

Key Takeaways

Superpowers makes us super stronger. Superpowers help us to become a Super Hero. But many people in this universe don’t even know what their superpower is. What makes them feel good. If you are also one of them then you should identify your superpower as early as possible. The sooner you will identify your superpower, the earlier you will get the success.

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