7 Differences to identify why Self-Education is more powerful than formal education?

Formal education is a wastage of time & money.

Self-education gives us real-life experience, but formal education gives us only the theoretical experience and a certificate.

We used to waste years completing our formal education. Also, we spend lakhs of money in our formal education. But in the end, we choose our profession based on our self-education. And we keep pursuing self-education throughout our life. Every day is a new learning in self-education.

But most of our parents don’t even know the difference. Because in our society our parents follow what others do. They never also try to understand what their children’s wants to do in their life. And this is not their fault. It is the fault of our society, the people around us.

So it’s essential to take the guidance of an expert before choosing a stream to pursue formal education. Because if the right track is not selected in the initial days, then lots of time will get wasted.

Money spent on self-education is not an expense its an investment.

Self-EducationWe spend lakhs of rupees in the formal education just for a certificate, But we hesitate to spend a few thousand bucks for ourself in self-education.

In real-life scenarios, we are not using the knowledge we have gained in our school or college. Instead, we face new learnings every single day.

The technology is changing day by day; Everything is getting automated. If we do not cope with the situation, with the change, then it might get difficult for us to survive in the upcoming days.

It would be best if you never hesitated to invest in the things which will help you in your self-growth. Instead, be an action taker and take action today itself.

Because the money you spent on your growth is not an expense, it’s an investment.

The more investment you will do on your self-growth, and self-education, the more return you will get in terms of success and happiness.

Because of the formal education that you pursued is already outdated.

Have you ever used the things you learned in your formal education in your profession? I have never used them. I have donated all my books to my neighbors. Maybe they will again give them to someone else.

Difference between Self Education & Formal Education

Both Formal education and self-education are equally essential for us. Formal education gives us life, whereas self-education helps to lead that life. Though there are lots of differences between self-education and formal education, I have identified a few of them and mentioned here for your reference.

  • Formal education shows us a path, but Self education helps us to walk in that path.
  • The formal education system gives us some good friends for life, whereas self-education gives us some good experiences in our life.
  • Formal education taught us the theories for our life. Self-education gives us practical experiences in our life.
  • Formal education helps us to get a certificate that rarely helps in our improvement. Still, we get excellent knowledge when we pursue self-education, which helps us in our entire life.
  • We spend lakhs of rupees to pursue Formal education, whereas self-education is not that costly.
  • It requires years to complete Formal education, but it takes comparatively less time to pursue self-education.
  • The things which we learn in Formal education we rarely apply that in our career. But the things which we learn in Self education, we use that knowledge to grow in our profession.

My Takeaways

Both Formal education and self-education have equal weightage for anyone to grow a leading life. But self education gives us realtime experiences for life. We should never hesitate to invest in our own growth because the money we spent on our self is not an expense. Its an investment. And the investment you will make today upon yourself will give an excellent return in the future. 

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