Why I started Youth Arena to Empowering Youths?

A Journey for empowering youths

I never thought of empowering youths in my life. Because before empowering others, self-empowerment is very much required. And I was just an average guy in my class as a student. I never got any award or recognization in my school life. I was very shy. Anyhow, I completed my schooling and intermediate (+2) from a small town in Odisha named Tikabali. When I finished my studies, there were hardly any people who were well educated to guide me for my future studies. The people in my village are doing farming, small business, or some government job to earn for their bread and butter.

Why am I writing this? How my story will help me Empowering youths?

I wanted to share my story with you so that we both can know each other. There will be a personal touch when you read the articles in my blog.

I am the same introvert guy who never got any award or recognization in the school, but one day the same introvert guy will get all the success, all the dream, and desire for his life.

I Did the same what the crowd does.

Where the crowd goes

I never wanted to become an Engineer. But now I am. Currently, I am working as a Software Consultant in one of the renowned IT firms.

Do you feel I am just about to write a sad story because I am not happy? No no. I am living a perfect life. I got married recently; my parents always support me. I have a small home in my small town. What else a happy life need?

Well, the fact is, Even though my life is going right and I am living a happy life, I am not satisfied.

Yes, you heard it right. I am happy, but I am not satisfied.

Now you must be feeling this guy got mad. No, not at all. There is a hell lot of difference between a happy and satisfying life.

We get happy when our requirements get fulfilled but we get the satisfaction when our dream gets fulfilled.

Well, I didn’t know that there are a hell lot of career opportunities other than Engineer, Doctor, and Government Servant. I didn’t know anything when I started building my career path. Also, i didn’t get any guidance during those days. And now this small-town boy turned into a corporate professional.

Please do let me know in the comment section if you could relate yourself to my story. I just wanted to give you a high-five.

This complicated my life was

When I was a kid, My parents used to listen to Sonu Nigam songs a lot. Sonu Nigam just started his career during those days by singing Odia bhajans. And those Sonu Nigam Odia bhajan songs were so popular in the entire state.

I also became a fan of his voice. Since those days, I always wanted to grow my career in the music industry. Music gives me immense satisfaction. But I never spoke about it to my parents. Because in small villages, parents want their children to be an Engineer or Doctor or IAS/ OAS officer.  They never ask their children about their interests.

It is not the fault of the parents. It is the fault of the society where they live.

The good thing about the people in villages is they know each other, they stand with each other in all the good and bad times. But the bad thing is they love to poke others and provoke about their children.

And our Indian parents never believe their children but their neighbours.

Anyways, it was my problem that I couldn’t express my feeling with my parents. My parents are always supportive, and they would have supported me with my passion, as well.

I got to know about this when I started learning Radio. Yes. I did a Diploma in radio station operation and management.  That’s too after my B. Tech. By quitting a well-salaried engineering Job. And my parents didn’t deny me to do that. They even supported me. They expressed their interest in knowing more about this course and career opportunity from me.

Those confusing & struggling Days

christopher lemercier 12yvdCiLaVE unsplash

During those days, I was living with almost no money when I was looking for an opportunity in the Radio field. And It forced me to start my IT career again just to earn my bread and butter from there. Because by that time, I started acting like an independent boy who was miles away from his home with no money and didn’t even want to ask for a single penny to his father.

Then I continued my career in IT, but my heart always wanted to do something different from my interest. And my attention was not in maths; my interest was not in calculations; my interest was not in science; my interest was not in programming; my interest was in Art. Yes, until that time, I was an artist. Yes, I was a voice-over artist. I learned about voice-over when I was doing my Diploma in Radio station operation and management.

But it was challenging to find a job in the voice-over industry; it was challenging to find a job as an RJ (Radio Jockey). Because there the opportunities are a little less as compare to other sectors. Because there are a minimal number of frequencies are operating in every city with some experienced RJs. And no one is ready to entertain freshers. And I was just a fresher in that field. And there is no one in my family working in that field.

When I was in the IT Job, I got an excellent friend in the same organization. He was also not interested in doing the job. He was fascinated by starting his own business. We both could have collaborated, but our interest was different.

Suddenly one day, when we both were discussing this, something cracked in my mind. I wanted to start my blog, a blog on Youth Empowerment. To empower all those people who all are working in a different profession than their passion. I wanted to write inspirational stories. I tried to connect the like-minded youths. I wanted to create a community of such enthusiastic people. And then I started Youth Arena.

In the initial days, I was working almost five extra hours per day to write such articles in Youth Arena after my office hours. The dream was big though there was no support and very little money in the pocket. But all my motivation, hope, hard work just broke down when all of my content, theme, blog got deleted by the hosting service provider just because I couldn’t renew the package in time.

Though I stopped working on my dream and continued to live a normal life after that, the burning desire to do something different was still within me. And this is how I started Youth Arena again. And this is the first article or my story in this blog.

My Dream – (Empowering youths)

I hope you are still reading this post. There are still a hell lot of things to write, but I don’t want to make it lengthy. Maybe I will elaborate on all those difficult days in the future when I will publish a book. A book on empowering youths. Yes, this is also one of my dreams.  And I will achieve that one day.

Please leave your blessings and good wishes in the comment section for this new journey—the journey which I wanted to pursue five years back.

Please let me know how I write. And what kind of articles you want me to post in Youth Arena because Youth Arena is all about empowering the Youths to create their history.

I wanted to empower millions of life from the bottom of my heart. I wanted to be a path founder for all those small-town boys and girls who never get required guidance to build a career in their interest.

Life became a little easy when you could identify your interest and the right mentor during your twenties.

Please share this blog with all those future stars of our society who need some support. They can reach out to me through the contact section.

And please let me know if you could contribute your bit to the society through youth arena. I will be more than happy to have you on my network.

Here are some of the renowned websites, i take my inspiration from.

Quora – Because the common audience like you and me got a platform to speak their heart out.

Reddit – Another such public platform for the common public.

They are many other platforms that are putting continuous efforts into empowering youths. Like Forbes, Life hacks, Entrepreneur.com, etc.

Youth Arena – Empowering the youth to create their history

Love & Respect


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