Inspirational Story of a Home Baker – Latika Narwani – The girl behind “The Cake House”

“When you have a will, there is no such element which can stop you on your way.”

Like it happened with Latika despite all the obstacles and road blockers on the journey of “The Cake House.” She kept everything aside and continued her passion for the cakes. And now she has her venture. And she is playing a significant role by serving delicious cakes in the celebration of many Indore families.

So this is how it started.

The Cake House - Latika

In July 2018, Latika finally started her business as a home baker. Baking has been her passion since the time she was in college. 

She used to bake for her family in all primary family functions. 

“I used to bake for my family, and I was getting appreciation from everyone in the family. Then I thought to serve great homemade quality and delicious cake to my City.”

And this love for baking, made her think to start her own baking business from home.

Initially, she thought to make “Cakes” and “Cupcakes” that’s too made at home. 

After lots of sleepless (with excitement) nights, she finally announced her business in July. 

First, she started baking tea time cakes and then Birthday cakes.

Many a time, things didn’t work out the way she was expecting it to be which demotivated her, but anyhow she managed to overcome from that situation. 

I believe in quality more than quantity.

The Cake House - Latika Narwani

She failed multiple times. Especially when she was trying new recipes, she managed to bear the loss and kept trying experimenting those recipes, again and again, to make it super awesome.  

“I believe in quality and taste more than quantity. I aimed to bake 2-3 cakes per day but to bring happiness in the face of those customers. And 2-3 cakes doesn’t give you any profit, that’s too in a small city like Ujjain.”

Yes, it’s challenging to make a profit in the small cities where people don’t want to spend much. And Latika belongs to a small town Ujjain where people don’t prefer to spend more on cakes. As Latika was focusing on quality, it was difficult for her to sell the cakes at the same price that other bakers are selling.

Other bakers in the City were selling cakes to make profits. But Latika was selling cakes to bring a smile on the customer’s face. 

This scared her to use quality and expensive ingredients in the cakes. Still, she never took a backstep and kept trying to serve good quality homemade cakes to people. 

And the quality of the cake helped her to build that trust amongst her customers. 

Then She started getting a good response from her customers, which motivated her a lot. 

Now her signature rose pistachio cake became the most selling and loved cake in the Ujjain City.

“In my childhood, I never thought of baking and cooking, but suddenly, my interest turned out towards it, and I am pursuing my passion now. It gives me satisfaction when my customers send their appreciation notes on social media. I used to take screenshots of all those appreciation notes. I used to read them in my free time for my motivation.”

She also got inspiration from MasterChef India 2016 contestant Mrs. Poonam chug.

Many times people use to compare prices and quality with local bakeries, which became a massive challenge for her. But She decided to stay with quality.

“People need to understand that it is a bit difficult to serve quality cakes at cheaper rates. “

Good quality designer cakes may sound cheaper in market prices, but once you taste, you will know the difference of choosing quality over price.”

Latika Narwani - The Cake House

As a home baker, she has faced many problems. 

Getting Customer satisfaction and trust is a must for startups, And building trust amongst the customers is very difficult for a home baker like Latika. 

Latika was new in this industry, Many a time she failed as a good home baker, but she never gave up and kept trying, which made her a well-known baker in the City.

Everyone learns from their mistakes, and Latika’s positive mindset made her get success because she went through many challenges, failed, and tried again.

“A Person who never fails to learn. Mistakes are proof that you are trying to achieve something big in your life!”



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