Never rest until it’s done

“Our Body acts how our Mind reacts”

Why it’s important to complete the task in a single go?

Even if your body is not tired, your mind gets tired. And your mind instructs your body to leave everything in the middle and take some rest. And it’s up to you how you change your mindset and how you control your body to not to leave the task in between. Till the time it’s not done.

Have you ever felt this? How your body reacts based on the instruction given by your mind? Let’s take an example. When you will decide to climb 500 steps without stopping yourself, you will get that inner energy and enthusiasm within yourself to achieve your target. And it will be easy for you to achieve your target. But if you will doubt yourself even before starting the journey, then you will not be able to climb all 500 steps at one go. You will never be able to achieve your target.

So you need to train your mind to not to stop before its done, Not to rest before it’s done.
Push your self a little more and complete the task at one go and take the rest. If you will take rest in between and start it over again then you will need more effort and more time to complete the task. Rather if you will complete it in a single go you will be able to save your precious time and all those efforts in between. Because we generally face lazy to start something from the middle once we discontinue it. We don’t get that motivation instantly to start it all over again. And the same reflects everywhere. This is the human tendency.



Never take the rest between a task until it’s done. Because once you will leave the task in between, you will face difficulties to continue the task the next day. Also, you will have to put your extra efforts and time to start that activity again. So its always preferable to complete the task in one go.

It has been observed that completing the task without any break always takes less time and gives a better output.

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