5% people Never Settle for Ordinary Lifestyle but 95% do. Which category you are in?

Why settle for less?

95% of people in this world follow the defined pattern. There are only 5% of people who define the pattern. That 5 % of people get success in their life because they never settle for ordinary; they always try to do something extraordinary.

Many people in our society think like a mediocre mindset.  “Go to school, Finish school, Go to college, graduate, Get a decent Job, Make some savings & buy a house, Get married, Have kids, Retire hopefully before enjoying the life. Then die”.

So what’s exciting about this? Nothing right?

Then why you are settled for such a life when you are capable of doing a lot more in life. Find the courage to live life than 95% in our society.

Be an action taker to start hustling. Increase your self-belief to get confidence. Get out of that comfort zone to build a better lifestyle for yourself. No matter how hard the struggle is. It will be worth it in the end.

We should live a life of freedom, abundance, and fulfillment. Why should some other people rule your life? You should be the boss of your life. Live life the way you want, not the way they want.

Difference between an ordinary mindset & a Successful mindset

  1. Ordinary mindset people will never hesitate to expense but hesitate a lot to invest in themselves. The Successful mindset people will neither hesitate to invest, nor to expense. But this kind of person will always expense in the essential things which will provide value to them.
  2. Ordinary mindset people will always show up more than they have. Success mindset people never show up.
  3. Ordinary mindset people care what people discuss about them, but a successful mindset people never care what people are talking about them. They always believe in their work.
  4. Ordinary mindset people don’t have a clear vision for themselves, whereas a successful mindset people set their vision for life first.
  5. Ordinary mindset people work for survival, and Successful mindset people work for luxury.
  6. Ordinary mindset people always hesitate to help others, and a successful mindset people never hesitate to help.
  7. Ordinary mindset people pull others down, successful mindset people push others and influence them to work for success.
  8. Ordinary mindset people spread badmouth when others grow, but successful mindset people celebrate other’s success.
  9. Ordinary mindset people spend their time doing unnecessary things, but successful mindset people plan out their day and use their time wisely.
  10. Ordinary mindset people keep crying for the bad times, successful mindset people learn, work, and overcome from the bad time.
  11. Ordinary people always blame others, and successful mindset people take the blame on themselves.
  12. Ordinary mindset people never show their gratitude to anyone, but a successful mindset people always show their appreciation for everything and everyone.
  13. Ordinary mindset people have limited thinking, whereas a successful mindset people have productive thinking.
  14. Ordinary mindset people always expect from others, but a successful mindset people fulfil their expectation by self.
  15. Ordinary mindset people settle themselves with ordinary, Successful mindset never settle with less. They always work hard and achieve more.

How to not settle for less?

Your inner fire should not let you settle for less. In case you are living just a normal lifestyle and you don’t know your potential, then follow these simple steps and start working on it today itself.
  • Identify your likes & dislikes.
  • Write then down in a diary
  • Work on all those tiny things of your life which hurts you daily
  • Find out the solution for those things
  • Set the goal and make the vision clear
  • Plan for your day
  • Write down all the tasks in a paper
  • Complete each task by the end of the day
  • Create a network of likeminded people
  • Find an accountability partner
  • & the most important is Find a Mentor

My Takeaways

I want to live a life where I Love my work & have the freedom to live my life in the way I would like to live it. i don’t want someone else to define how much I will earn at the end of the month. I want to set the target for myself to live a healthy lifestyle.

I will work hard and fulfill all my dreams of my life. I have the potential to work on my goal, and I will work on it. What are your takeaways from this article? Share with me in the comment section. I will love to hear from you. And I must suggest to you why to settle for less whereas you can achieve many more in your life. Dream big, make small goals and meet them one by one. You can fulfill your dream.

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