Meet extremely talented 16 year old Blogger, Youtuber (Piyush Yadav)

This is the age when most of the teenagers waste most of their time on unnecessary things which affect their entire life. But Piyush Yadav got inspired by some youtube video and spent his time doing something substantial for his life and to build a better future for himself despite all those family problems.

And today Piyush is an inspiration among youngsters.

He got a smartphone at the age of 14 when he was in the 10th standard. We all know, what most people used to do with their phones at this age. But what he did was something amazing. And this is why he is one of the renowned bloggers in the industry.

Excited to know Piyush’s journey to date? We at Youth Arena got a chance to interview Piyush. And his story inspired us. We hope this will also inspire you.

In The Youth Arena, we are on a mission to empower the youth to create their history. And we are sure this 16 year old guys story will empower you, will give you some inspiration.

Age is just a number

Age is just a number. And at the age of 14, Piyush started his Youtube channel. The idea of making a Youtube channel came to his mind when he was looking into some random videos on youtube.

One fine day he was watching some funny videos and memes on Youtube. He got a suggestion from Youtube, “How to earn money from youtube”. And immediately after watching that video, he decided to start his own Youtube channel. But he gets failed because of a lack of consistency, motivation, and right guidance.

Failure is a part of the journey.

“If you will not get failed, you will not learn.”

But it depends if you get failed and stop everything over there, or you get failed and bounce back like a hero. A similar thing happened with Piyush. He didn’t stop himself.

The “U-Turn” in Piyush’s life

Again one day he saw a video of “Ankit Singla and Satish Kushwaha”. The video was about “Youtube vs Blogging”.

And this video gave him a “U-turn” in his life.

Piyush belongs to Shri Krishna Janma Bhumi Mathura. And as because he is from such a holy place, he is spiritual in nature from the very childhood.

And his spiritual nature, helped him to focus on his field at this age despite all the family problems.

He has one Mantra for life.

“Just do your work and believe in the God”

And this positive attitude helped him to overcome all the challenges in life.

What made Piyush hustle at this age?

As mentioned above he is a 16 years old boy. Being at this age, he took full advantage of his life and age.

At the age of 14, he realized that this is the best time to hustle as he doesn’t have any family pressure. And he has lots of time to work on his dream.

And after reading Bhagbat Gita, his mind totally changed. And his spiritual nature was an add on of course. Then he decided to cross the hustle limits to achieve the dream and to live an affluent life.

How were the initial days of Blogging in Piyush’s life?

Money was the main problem for him when he started blogging. Because he belongs to a very lower-class family. Even if he wanted to invest in himself, it was challenging for him to do that.

But now he is in a very good position managing all of his expenses himself.

Despite all those challenges, Piyush never steps back. With his strong determination, he is preparing a lot of things for himself which will help him in the future to get authority into his field.

Motivation Source for Piyush

Your network is your net worth. Likewise, Piyush has created a very good network for himself with all his blogging buddies. Piyush used to share all his problems and challenges with his blogging buddies who help him in all situations.

Apart from that, Piyush used to follow Gaur Gopal Das, Sandeep Maheshwari, Amoghilla Prabhu.

All these people and their personalities always motivate Piyush to stay focused.

What are the Future Plans Piyush has decided?

Piyush wanted to build authority in his field. you can visit his blog “Exact Blogging” to have a look into his work and get in touch with him, in case if you need any support in the blogging field.

Also, hr has a Youtube Channel, Nowadays he has more focus on his youtube channel.

He has also planned to start other Youtube channels in various niches and blogs, Courses, etc.

He is also dreaming of building his own Academy.

Piyush’s Advice

A small piece of advice Piyush has given for Youth Arena readers.

“Just do your work and don’t focus on the result at a very early stage. Never give up. And remember, you are just one step away from success.”

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