Happiness will automatically come to you when you will create a Positive Zone

Your mind reacts to everything the way you train it. and you can train your mind the same way as you think. And your thinking power develops based on the quality of the content you consume every day. Also, your thinking power gets influenced by the people you are surrounded with.

My name is Samir and I have started this blog to spread the positivity, to spread the happiness. And I am confident that I can spread positivity through my articles because I am a person full of positivity. I always like to spend time with like-minded people. I have a network of thousands of people with the same mentality.

  • People get negative when they face some difficult situations in life.
  • People get negative when they get betrayed by their loved ones.
  • People get negative when they face some financial crisis in their life.

But do they get any solution by getting negative in those situations of life? No. rather they get frustrated, broken.

But those people who handle such situations bravely, they go extra miles in their life.

Have you ever noticed this? you always make good decisions when you are happy but you take all the wrong decisions when you are sad, broken, angry. It means when you are happy you attract the positive vibes towards you. and the positive vibes help you to make the right decision. But when you are not happy your mind thinks about all the negativities. and you never able to make the right decisions with a negative mindset.

A Positive person always spreads positive energies to the surrounding. So people get attracted to that person. Because people love such good vibes. And people with a positive mindset always grow in their life. Money can attract more people but if you have a positive attitude then you can win their hearts also.

How to create a Positive zone?

Here are the five points which will help you a lot to create a positive zone.

  • Always try to provide value to others

Always try to provide value to others. Never keep the expectation to get back something when you are giving value to people. When those people will get benefited, they will promote you. Even if they will not promote you, they will remember you forever in their life.

  • Be thankful

Never feel sad about the things you don’t have. Feel proud for the things you have. Be thankful for everything you have in your life. Be thankful to everyone you have in your surroundings. When you will start giving gratitude to everything you have in your life, you will feel the importance of all those things.

  • Don’t react, respond

Never react to anything instantly. you may get many such situations in life where you will lose control of yourself. But try to build that power to control yourself. In such situations think and respond wisely. Wrong decisions may give you more trouble, but the right decisions will lead you to a happiness zone.

  • Self-belief

Have faith in yourself. Always work with confidence and a positive attitude. Keep the belief in yourself. The universe is there to support you.

  • Stop complaining

Stop complaining about the things not working in favour of you. Work with a positive attitude. Things will work the way you will drive.


Happiness is in your hands. When you will live with a positive mindset, you will make good decisions and good results will come to you. Because positivity always wins. And happiness will automatically come to you when you will create a positive zone.

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