15 Most Powerful Quotes for Life


Quotes for life are not just someone’s thoughts. Each word in a quote has some life experience of the writer that S/he has gone through in life.

In my life, I have gone through many ups & downs. I have experienced and learned from every such phase of life. Though difficult times despondent us, we can not ignore it. Instead, we should strengthen ourselves to overcome that situation. I had also overcome many such down phases in my life. My experiences clarified my thoughts. And my thoughts arranged and formed some sentences to turn them into quotes. Quotes for life.

Quotes are nothing but life experiences. And this is a small effort from my side to empower millions of people.

Quotes for Life

  • Don’t be a TOPIC; Be an EXAMPLE.


  • It’s really important to prioritise, What to consider & What to avoid !!!


  • Let’s do or die, But let’s not cry !!!


  • Knowledge is the biggest asset. Invest as much as you can !!!


  • Do not worry in things which is not in your control.


  • You just do your work. Let people hate you, criticized you or ignore you. God is there to write a beautiful story for your life.


  • If you stuck with someone or something or somewhere, then it’s time to reform, revise, reinvent & the most important is reborn.


  • Be strong enough to let go & Wise enough to wait for what you deserve.


  • Those people are great who went through hell and came out Smiling.


  • Good times will always make you fall into weakness but only bad times will give you more strength, more courage, more power.


  • If you have already taken the initiative to take the risk then don’t give up. And if you have not yet taken the initiative then don’t wait for long.


  • When you will follow your goal consistently, The result will follow you steadily


  • Rejection will chase you more when you will run from it. But Rejection will run from you when you will start chasing it.


  • You can realise the importance of happiness once you start spreading happiness.


  • It’s better to put the efforts than regret. Either you will get success or experience.


A quote is just a one-liner, But quotes are so meaningful that they can relate to someone very easily.

We use these small quotes to beautify long paragraphs.

Quotes are being used to initiate the stories.

Most powerful speeches are also started with a quote.

Quotes are very meaningful.

What a paragraph can not do a quote can do.

I have written all the quotes mentioned above, and these are my all-time favorite quotes. Please go through them and let me know if you like them—comment there with your suggestion and feedback. Your small contribution in the form of comment keeps inspiring me to create more powerful content for you.

Have some suggestions? Let’s discuss this in the comment section.

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