11 Powerful Quotes on Criticism & how to handle criticism

Here in this article, I have written some quotes on criticism. Because we all face criticism in our lives, and its not that easy to handle criticism if you react to it. It would be best if you behaved matured and act smarter to handle criticism.

Everyone has some passion in life, which they want to pursue very severely.

Some people love to sing, some love to dance. Many people enjoy playing instruments, and others like to write. Also, if we segregate the people who love to write, then there are different types of writers. Some people love to write stories, and some people love to write Poems. And like this, I love to write quotes. Quotes based on my life experiences.

I feel that quotes are the most powerful and shortest method to express my feelings so that people could connect to my quotes easily. Even if it’s a small line, people relate it to their life story.

Those short and powerful lines motivate a lot of people. I empower my self and thousand of others through my quotes.

Here I thought to share some of my favorite quotes I have written to handle and overcome all those criticism we get from our society. I hope you like them.

Quotes on Criticism

  • In each stage of life you will get criticized, just ignore them.


  • You just do your work. Let people hate you, criticized you or ignore you. God is there to write a beautiful story for your life.


  • You will face many people in life who will blame you, complain about you, and always try to put you down. Don’t take it in heart. Take it in mind and work on yourself. A day will come when you will be two step ahead from them and you will find them there only where they were earlier.


  • Love Yourself more. Because you will get many haters in this journey of life.


  • Never waste your time arguing with a stupid.


  • PEOPLE always talk about those PEOPLE who all are PEOPLE centric.


  • People will never appreciate you, but they will never forget to critisise you. So let them do & let it go.


  • Don’t let the fear of criticism take away the joy of Freedom!!!


  • I don’t care for them who don’t like my work. I care for them who like my work but if I fail to reach up to their expectations.


  • People always like to interfere in others life, But they don’t like anyone to interfere in their life. isn’t it?


  • Don’t waste time to prove yourself to anyone. The people who value you will stay with you & the others will keep blaming you anyhow.


  • You do a thousand good things. But people will always blame you for that one mistake that happened by you mistakenly.


  • And the truth is you will get criticism when you will share the real you with the world & a wow when you will add some filters to it.


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