Recipe for Success

Everyone wants to get success in life. But only a few became successful, and others are struggling for their entire life. Success is not easy, but it’s not difficult either if you keep chasing it consistently, with all your efforts.

We all are striving for success. We all are wanted to fulfil our dream, our desire for life.

And we must follow our dream; we should never let our hopes die.

We are very curious to know the success stories of successful people, but we need to keep it in mind that the failure story is also equally important.

Sometimes I wonder that everyone interested to know the result, but nobody cares about the struggle the person is going through. We should remember that the “RESULT COUNTS BECAUSE OF OUR EFFORT.” You cannot expect results without putting effort. And even if you are not getting success, your every effort is getting counted. The day will come when you will cherish the victory for all the effort and your entire struggle.

Always learn all the positive characteristics of the environment and nature.  Learn to keep your heart beautiful like the moon, Keep spreading the calmness and happiness like the moon rays, shine like a sun, Follow the consistency like the water in a stream and become a precious gem like a diamond.

When we see others get success, we get motivated and wanted to be like that successful person. But are putting equal efforts as successful people do?

Recipe of Success

We will discuss the recipe for success, but before that, let’s talk about what success is how we can define success?

Though there is not a specific definition for success, still I feel success is how you are contributing to this society, how many lives you can impact, and how many success stories you can build.

When I was a kid, I was feeling earning more money is the definition of success. Though money is one of the crucial factors for a successful person, my perception of success has changed. I feel Recognition; Respect & Rewards are the real definitions for success.

The more value you will be able to provide to the universe, the more people will recognize you. The more people will know you for your contribution to this universe, the more respect you will earn. When the reorganization & respect join together, the reward will keep following you.


There are many successful people, many legends on this earth. People used to remember them just because of the success they have achieved. The contribution they have made for this society. Few of them are not there with us today. Still, people remember them for their excellent work.

Successful people never born with a silver spoon; they create the never give up attitude within themselves. They overcome the entire struggle, all the bad phases to get success.

The people having the Never Give-up attitude always creates incredible history.

We are coming across many success stories & successful people regularly.

You can read the biography of successful people. They all have gone through many ups and downs in their life.

Let’s Start Cooking

Now I will be guiding you the recipe for SUCCESS.

Some of the essential ingredients are Failure, Consistency, Confidence, Never Give up Attitude &  Hard work.

Now let’s learn how each ingredient will help to make it taste better.


Failure plays a very vital role in success, like salt in food. Without salt, the food will not taste good. Likewise, without failure, you will not be able to feel the taste of success.

COLONEL HARLAND SANDERS the founder KFC has been failed for 1009 times in their life. Now KFC food menu is one of the favourite lip-smacking food options in the entire world.


Consistency is another essential ingredient for success. Consistency is a must to get success in every phase of life. Your consistency will keep showing you the path to move forward.


Success is impossible without consistency. Like cooking, food is impossible without water. So always try to be consistent with whatever you are doing in your life. Maybe you will get failed for multiple times. But your consistency will show the result when you will be consistent even after all the struggle, all the bad phases of life.


God has given you the power to dream because he has given you the potential to achieve them. It’s vital to be confident to cook food like an expert, even if you have never cooked. Likewise, you need to be satisfied with every task you perform. If you are confident, then no one will be able to stop you ever. You can boost your confidence by telling yourself how confident you are. Your subconscious mind will work they you want if you repeat the same thing throughout the day.

I CAN DO IT is the right attitude to build confidence.

But remember,




So always be confident, but never be overconfident.


Your never-give-up attitude will move you forward in your life. Like your utensils helps to cook the food even after the maximal hit of the fire hurt them a lot. If you give up, then you will never win.

Whatever the situation might be or whatever the struggle you are facing in your life, there should always be a positive attitude towards it.

While building success, attitude may play the role of flavoured spices.

In simple words, it adds the masala to the recipe.


I always believe in hard work.

Even if you are tired, you are cooking the food to feed yourself. You don’t have an option to kill the hunger—the same way you have to work hard in everything in your life. When you work hard in your initial days, you will get smarter. Then you can smartly handle even the most challenging work.



~ Frank Ocean


My Takeaways

So this was the recipe for success that should be cooked by every individual.

You can make your dream come true. And only you can make it happen. But these mentioned ingredients are very much essential to be a successful person in life.

Now, implement this recipe of success in your life and taste the feeling of reorganization, Respect & Reward.

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