STOP selling START serving

“Only selling will not create a lasting impact but serving will “

Why serving is more important than selling?

You may not be able to sell to the same customer when you will try to sell. But that customer will help to sell that product to multiple customers when you will serve him. Serving him, not just with a product, but a life long trust, tremendous satisfaction. The customer himself will promote you, your product. Because Word of mouth has more impact than any advertisement in any of the mediums.

This is how serving is so powerful.

When you are building a product, you feel your product is best in the world because you are putting a lot of effort to build the product. But what is the value if it doesn’t meet your customer’s requirement. or if your customer is not satisfied with the after-sales service. So you need to take care of the need of your customers.

Sometimes people create a product to generate the revenue out of it. They don’t think about the value they are able to provide through their product.

So if you are creating a product only to generate the revenue then you will never get successful. Rather if you will create the product to solve the problem of your customer then you will get super successful. When your product will solve the problem of the customer successfully, the product will be able to reach a larger audience. And when you will put continuous efforts to serve your customer, you will be able to build a long term relationship with your customer.

Ten factors to serve your customer more effectively

  1. Identify the problem statement of the audience in a particular niche.
  2. Research on a larger audience and ask them for their inputs.
  3. Analyze the audience’s feedback & try to implement the real ones.
  4. Keep asking for feedback & opinion periodically.
  5. Give maximum value to your audience.
  6. Give respect to the hard-earned money of your customers.
  7. Your audience should not feel, they are wasting their time, they should feel they are utilizing their time.
  8. Give your customer a Lasting Impact
  9. Create the trust factor
  10. Increase the brand value


Only selling will not create a lasting impact but serving will. If you are selling, just to fulfill your target or to get the customer’s money in your hand, then you may be able to sell that customer for one time. But if you are selling to solve the problem of the customer, then you will be able to sell that customer multiple times. You should build a life long relationship with your customers by serving them with the maximum value. So that the customer will trust you, your product, and your brand. when your customer will get full satisfaction with your service, they will promote you by themselves.

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