How to utilize your time wisely & become unstoppable in life (Especially in Covid-19 Lock-down)

How do you utilize your time in this pandemic?

Challenges are part of life. Surviving every day in this world is getting challenging day by day. But only those people move ahead and overcome this challenge who accepts it. And the people who do not accept the challenge always struggle with it.

Currently, the entire universe is facing the challenge of Covid-19. And almost every business and each individual has been affected. Millions of people losing their job, lakhs of people losing their life.

How do you utilize your time?

The future doesn’t look that good either for the country or for the world at least for a year or two.

But bad times never stay long. And also bad times always create an opportunity for us.
I agree that this is a very critical time to deal with, but this is one of the golden opportunities for all of us to build our life the way we always wanted to live.
We all are getting sufficient time for our self. We are spending the entire time with our family. We are at home because of Lockdown.
It is the right time to learn some extra skillsets to pursue your passion and to improvise yourself.

It is the right time for all of us to start the side hustle to become independent in life. The way you will utilize your time today will decide how it will build your future.

Also, Covid-19 has taught us some valuable lessons for our life. I have listed the lessons we have learned from Covid-19. Then we will discuss how to do the best use of this lockdown. How to utilize your time effectively when you are at home.

Things we learned from Covid-19

People get closer when they all have the same fear.

The fear of Covid-19 made us work together. Different companies joined their hands with each other. 

There was a time when two different companies used to compete with each other. Now they are working together to fight with Corona.

  • Corona taught us to build patience within ourselves. 
  • We got habituated to maintain hygiene throughout the day. 
  • We learned to be empathetic.
  • People learned to cope up with all types of situations.
  • We learned how to handle such critical situations.
  • Corona taught us to adjust to everything and every situation.
  • It taught us how to stay alert all the time.
  • It taught us the importance of time.
  • We could spend more time with our family, because of Corona.
  • We could spend time to pursue our passion because of Corona.
  • We could spend time to build a new hobby.

How to Utilize your time properly

It’s up to you how you utilize your time wisely in this lockdown.

The way you will use your time today will Utilize your time properly in Corona Lockdownshow you the result tomorrow.
The situation is not that good now, so every company wants to help its customers with their products without any charge or by taking some minimal charge.
Video apps are providing content to consume for free. They are promoting binge-watching.
At the same time, study apps providing tutorials for absolutely no cost or less cost. They are promoting to learn some skills.
So it’s up to you, what do you choose. You can only define your destiny. And you are matured enough to make the right decision for yourself.

In this lockdown, I have invested my money and time on myself, for my own growth. Because the investment on the self is the best investment in the world.

How do you utilize your time? Did you learn some extra skill sets? Did you work on your dream project? have you started pursuing your passion?

Utilize your time wisely & become unstoppable in your life

Many people have lost their job because of Covid-19. Also, the situation in the future doesn’t look that stable at least for a year or two. Recession may start in the upcoming months when more people will lose their job. 

The economy of our country is already going down. It may take some time to reform the entire universe and make it stand like before.

Hence I will suggest you to start working for your future, to take your baby step. 

  • If you are doing a job, start the side hustle to build a secondary source of income.
  • It was difficult for you to make time to pursue your passion. Now you are saving your commute time to the office. Utilize your time effectively to work on your passion.
  • You can spend time watching content for your entertainment but don’t spend the entire day over there. You need to allocate the time to each activity wisely.
  • Read some good self-help books. Here are some of my recommendations. 
  • Start learning some new skillsets which will help you in your career.
  • Spend some quality time with family and friends.
  • Call to your near and dear ones that you have not called for a long.
  • Take care of your health, do some exercise, and make a habit of eating home-cooked healthy food.
  • Keep your surroundings clean and plant some trees. The earth is recovering. Do another bit from your side.
  • Make a task list for your entire day, target small activities, and complete them on the same day.

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time” ~ Leo Tolstoy

Study shows most of the startups start during the time of recession. Most of the people became entrepreneurs when there are fewer jobs in the market.

There are many people currently started working on their dream to achieve it. If you do not work on your passion, then you will be way behind all those people.

The time is very precious. Especially the time which you have right now is super valuable. Don’t waste this time. Utilize your time wisely.

My Takeaways

We all are getting the same 24 hours a day. We should make the best use of it.

Corona has given us a golden opportunity to spend time for ourselves, our growth, and our future. Hence we should utilize this time to build our future.

If we do not use this time wisely, then we may regret it in the future.


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