Work hard because Work is Worship

As the proverb says, Working hard is equally essential as worship god.

Everyone working in this society to earn for their bread & butter. Few people love their job. Those people are working with full dedication and effort. Those are the people who work on their interests and passion.

But some people don’t like their work. Those people are working only to earn their living. Either they have chosen the wrong profession, or they don’t have a positive attitude for their work.

Sometimes we may not get the profession as per our choice. But our attitude makes a huge difference to the work we do.

When you do the work with honesty & sincerity, it brings you so many opportunities. It opens the door for success. There is a proverb, “God helps those who help themselves.”

If you only worship god without doing any hard work, you will not get any visible result; instead, if you do hard work like you worship God, then a day will come when the miracle will happen for you. So always give 100% to your work. The result that you will get one day will blow your mind.

Why should you work Hard?

When you are working hard, your every effort is getting counted. You will get the result for your endeavor. It may take a month or year or five years because effort never dies.

If you ask any of the successful people, then they will tell you how many years they have struggled to get success. Success is never easy; neither is it difficult if you will put the right amount of effort.

Some people are working very hard to achieve their goals. They are working almost 16 hours a day continuously. It’s easy for such people to get success fast. Those people don’t depend on their luck; they show their hard work.

Work is the best exercise for our body and mind. We do laborious exercise in the gym to grow the muscle of our bicep, tricep, chest, back, shoulder, and thighs. In the same way, hard work will help to enhance our thinking power, our skillset, the strategy to do the job more smartly.

15 Golden Rule to put your 100% in work

  • Never say “NO” to any work
  • Stay away from Negative peoples in your workplace as well as in your personal life.
  • Build good networking of likeminded peoples
  • Be Punctual
  • Set small targets & complete them
  • Make a task list & follow it strictly
  • Set Priorities & complete priority tasks first
  • Take short breaks & go for short walks
  • Spend some time alone
  • Don’t hesitate to take help if you are stuck somewhere but don’t waste time
  • Keep all the notifications silent if you are getting diverted easily
  • Define specific timing for your smartphone, mails, and messages
  • Never rest until it’s done
  • Always put your Best
  • Sleep with “Yes

Bonus Tips

You may feel bored while working. But remember, annoying things will only make you stronger. Still, to avoid boredom, you may listen to some good music in between, you may listen to some good podcasts.

When you are doing some particular activity for a long time, you may feel bore. In such a case, take some break from that specific task and complete some other small job.

My Takeaways

Your attitude towards your work represents your success or failure. Even if you don’t like your job, if you will show a positive attitude to your work, then your perception of that job will get changed. Always try to give your 100 % to any work/activities you are doing daily because you will enjoy your work when you give your 100% always. Also, the output will satisfy you when you enjoy your work.


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