Little-known answer on why your network is your net worth? (Updated in 2020)

Your network is your net worth

The people you have surrounded with plays a very important role in your growth. So it’s essential to make a quality network. Because your network is your net worth.

You will always get a chance to grow when a positive set of people surrounds you. Because you can interpret the value to each other, you can get a positive vibe from such people.

Your network should not be limit to the definite number only. You should find more & more like-minded people in your surrounding. The more such people you will interact with, the more value you can provide to each other.

Do you know why Linkedin is so popular? Because like-minded or the same profession people get connected over there. To get more such people in your network, you have to be more genuine. You have to provide more value to the people. You have to be honest and transparent with others. The more value you will deliver to the people, the more people will trust you.

The genuine people will stay with you, and all others will leave you by themselves. In this way, your task will get easier.

so keep such people in your network who can bring Love, Support, Energy & Positive vibes. Because your network is your net worth.

Why is it important to create a good network?

You may get many benefits when you create a quality network.

  • You will be in a positive zone.
  • You will get positive vibes always.
  • You can keep exchanging the appreciation with each other for all the good work you do.
  • You can find an accountability partner who will take responsibility for you to work for success & vice versa.
  • You can partner with someone with a similar mindset and grow together.
  • You will keep getting inspirations from others.
  • Your network will not criticize you, instead provide you feedback for your improvement.

How to create a good network?

Creating a good network of like-minded people is not that easy. It may take years to understand different individuals to add them to your network because everyone has a different mindset. Their passion, interest, skill set, and the thinking process is also different. So how to build a good network?

If you will spend your entire life building a network, then when will you fulfill your other targets?

Well, I have a solution to this. Keep reading this article until the end to know the strategy to build a good network of like-minded people. I would also suggest you invest some more time to read my other articles. I used to write them from my own life experiences and learning.

Provide Value

Well, the first and foremost thing to build a good network is to open up yourself and start providing value to others. But before that, you need to enhance your skillsets.

You can give honest support to others only when you have realtime experience into something. You can prepare content in terms of audio, video & text to reach a broader audience.

When you produce quality content, more people would like to consume your content. Those people will want to know more about you, and they will connect with you through various social media platforms. In this way, you will attract like-minded peoples towards you.

Make your presence visible on Social Media.

It’s essential to be active on all social media platforms. Reach to more people through your content in social media. Make Facebook groups or Telegram channels to empower your audience through personal connections in those groups.

When you will reach more people and provide them with good value, those people will automatically get added to your network. The like-minded and genuine people will stay with you, and others will leave you by themselves.

Enroll yourself with some mentorship program

Cut down some expenses and invest some money for yourself, for your personal growth, for your skills to improve. Enroll yourself in some mentorship program.

You may ask me this question of why should I go to a mentor by paying them their charge? There are many contents available on Youtube & Google for free.

But I must recommend you to choose a mentor because mentorship programs will help you with many benefits. You will get the real strategies from them to grow in your life. Also, you will get some like-minded people in their private groups. You will meet such people who never wanted to settle for less in their life. You will get a chance to meet some real hustlers. Hence it is imperative to join a mentorship program.

In this way, you can create a good network of like-minded people by applying the right strategies in a shorter period of time.

My Takeaways

It’s very important to build a quality network of like-minded people to grow in your life. You can create the right network with real hustlers when you provide more value to your audience, increase your presence in social media, and join a mentorship program.

Your network is your net worth. Your network will help you to grow when you help your network to grow. These are some of the key takeaways which I learned. What are your take-aways? Do let me know in the comment section.

Also, I have created a group on Facebook to build a network of likeminded individuals. Please add yourself by clicking on this link. Let’s make a better tomorrow. We can empower more people when we empower ourselves first.

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